2017 LCWR Assembly Materials

We invite you to view the various materials available for you on the LCWR website following this year's assembly (https://lcwr.org/calendar/lcwr-assembly-2017). You are encouraged to share these widely with your own members, associates, or anyone else who might benefit from them. While some materials are still in process, eventually you will have available to you:

  1. The texts of the presidential address by Mary Pellegrino, CSJ and the keynote addresses of Chris Pramuk and Jan Richardson. Thanks to the generosity of the Sisters of Bon Secours and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word of San Antonio, all three addresses will be translated into French and Spanish and will be posted on the website.
  2. The remarks of Constance FitzGerald, OCD after receiving the LCWR Outstanding Leadership Award. These too will be translated into French and Spanish.
  3. The press release about the assembly. Please feel free to use or adapt this release as you share with your own members and publics about the assembly. (https://lcwr.org/media/lcwr-assembly-explores-call-embody-love-sake-world)
  4. The public statement issued by LCWR on the escalating tensions between the governments of the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. (https://lcwr.org/media/lcwr-assembly-statement-us-dprk-crisis)
  5. Information on ordering CDs and DVDs of various assembly events.
  6. A short video capturing highlights of this assembly. Please feel free to share this video on your own social media platforms. (https://animoto.com/play/WMAxoiTam4bAoBDcLeGD5A?autostart=1)

You will receive a separate message that contains the link to the evaluation of this assembly. Please be sure to complete it since your feedback is invaluable as we plan future assemblies.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Leadership Conference of Women Religious