LCWR Stands in Solidarity with the People of the Middle East

Since we first heard of the loss of life, violence, imprisonment, and war in Israel and Gaza, we, at LCWR, searched for a way to respond that was true to our commitment to work on the root causes on injustice from a stance of intersectionality and the transformation of consciousness. In the days that have passed, we have reached out to interfaith leaders, representatives of organizations on the front lines in Israel and Gaza, and particularly the Jewish communities in the United States to ask them, "What do you need at this time?”

With alarming consistency, we have heard the call to be cautious in our words, to avoid escalating the crisis with rhetoric that assigns simplistic blame or solutions, and above all to call for an intolerance of the propensity towards violence in communities of faith within our borders, particularly towards Jewish communities. With these admonitions in mind, we share the following response to the Israel-Gaza crisis.

Included with the response are resources for use in the ongoing education of your members that can help us all understand this war from the perspective of those whose communities are most impacted. Please feel free to distribute these resources as widely as you wish.  

We stand together in our commitment to the urgent work of transformative justice and the discipline of contemplative prayer that we trust can help heal the pain of loss, wounds, and division.


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