Sisters of Divine Providence

Marlene McClain's Sunseeker RV

Associate Marlene McClain's Journey to La Posada Providencia

La Posada Providencia serves as a temporary home and shelter for men, women, and children who flee their countries because of religious persecution, enslavement, and other life- and limb-threatening terrors. First they are sent to detention centers (jails) operated by U.S. Border Patrol. If they are determined to be authentically fleeing horrors, they are placed on a track to receiving papers and staying in the U.S. This process takes time--a day or more; a week or more.

Stop Human Trafficking: A Prayer Litany

Human Trafficking is the movement of people with the primary purpose of forced servitude or sexual slavery. There are an estimated 27 million people held in slavery. Trafficking in women is the second largest global organized crime.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the issue of human trafficking and think we cannot make a difference. But do not forget that each of us has at our disposal the most powerful weapon of warfare—and that is prayer, for “The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” [James 5:16]

Litany of Gratitude for Holy Providence Women

All Associates and members of the Community were invited to submit the names of our deceased members with a special invocation for inclusion in the Litany of Gratitude for Holy Providence Women. 

This Litany is a “community creation,” filled with the energy of the Spirit and the fire of our Providence Charism. We are links in the chain of God’s Providence and light. We invite Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Mother Marie de la Roche to intercede with us as we pray our Litany.